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Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment


As a rape and sexual assault survivor, I felt uncomfortable. Was it supposed to be funny that my friend had unwanted romantic and sexual advances?

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Obviously, the trauma of being raped is never actually funny. My friends and I consider ourselves feminists, but I felt awkward. How should I react?

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I forced a laugh, but it felt insincere not to talk Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment the way this seemingly insignificant exchange Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment into rape culture.

As activists, we need to investigate the language we use especially when it contributes to systemic oppression and actively work to use language that empowers people especially marginalized folks and advocates for enthusiastic consent. Here are a few everyday examples of language that supports rape culture that we should all remove from our vocabulary. Any language that associates sexual violence with anger promotes rape culture. Both of these examples make it seem like sexual violence is a positive outcome for the perpetrator.

When survivors hear language like this, we know to be on guard. This one might seem more tied to sexism and patriarchy, but if Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment look closely, we also see that it contributes to rape culture. Rape is a serious act of violence and not something to be joked about, especially because these jokes can be triggering for survivors. This is an example of everyday rape culture language that I can admit to having used and subsequently eliminated from my vocabulary.

Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment remember saying this before I was sexually assaulted, and becoming starkly aware of it every time this type of language came up in casual conversation afterward. Generally, these phrases are associated with unwanted romantic and sexual advances from others, which makes them even more sinister beneath the surface.

In these instances, rape is conflated to a humorous end result of an unwanted advance. In some ways, we may use these jokes because we recognize on some level that unwanted advances can turn into sexual violence quickly and that not every potential sexual partner will retain our enthusiastic consent. Consent includes verbal and non-verbal communication. Being rejected by a potential sexual partner Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment not feel awesome.

Catcalling upholds the idea that women and femmes are objects to be desired and that catcallers have the right to objectify them. Consent for sex can be taken away or amended at any time, regardless of previous consent or a sustained sexual relationship. Any language that implies someone has to touch anyone else without their consent — sexual or Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment — plays into rape culture. It may also unintentionally teach kids that sexual Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment against them is okay.

We've outlined 10 examples of...

Even though we may think of sexual violence as an immediate concern, our language says a lot about us — and about how our society upholds rape culture and systemic oppression. When I was sexually assaulted for the first time, I thought about some of these common instances of insidious language. She can often be found re-reading her favorite books and covering everything in glitter.

You can find her at her website or on Instagram and Twitter alainaskeys. Literal language 5 examples of sexual harassment her articles here.


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