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Dating zamzarina khalwat


Wednesday, 4 Dating zamzarina khalwat English Story 1. I am jai 22 yrs i have finished my B. My sister is married. The incident happened six months Dating zamzarina khalwat, which was very much-unexpected one.

Actually i hate my mom as anyone in the worldthe reason is Dating zamzarina khalwat will always Dating zamzarina khalwat quarrel with my fathershe showed hatred feeling towards me and I always hated her right from Dating zamzarina khalwat small age. But that thing Dating zamzarina khalwat for the past six months Now we are great lovers showing affection towards each other. Once i just annoyed to see her l but to now she looks like a sex godess to me.

I will explain the incident that took place as it is with dialogues between my mother Dating zamzarina khalwat me in Tamil so the story will be lengthy but you will definitely enjoy it. One Dating zamzarina khalwat morning the thing went as usual my mom picked up a quarrel with my father and was shouting against my father for no reason.

Usually my father will remain silent most of the times. After a few minutes Dating zamzarina khalwat escaped and went to the office and it was me who was trapped in the fight.

My mother will use all sorts of bad words while she shouts and scold us which i was used to. After an hour i entered my house silently without her notice so that she will not start the fight again. As i silently entered the i heard screaming sound from bedroom made by my mother.

I thought she was crying because of what i said and instantly entered to the bedroom and went near her. But what i saw Dating zamzarina khalwat really shocking. Her sari was covering the bed. She was laid Dating zamzarina khalwat the bed only with her jacket, her pavvadi petticoat has moved up and she was meddling with her pussy. Here ass cheeks spread over Dating zamzarina khalwat bed, and legs wide open. She was also shocked but did not really tried to cover her but instead took her hand from pussy and exposed it fully.

It was unshaven and like a bush. She was breathing heavily and her body was Dating zamzarina khalwat was wet with her sweat this made her looks more sexy ,her pink colour jacket was sticking to the breastthe black bra inside was clearly visible. Her boobs went Dating zamzarina khalwat and down in response to her breath.

I was even able to notice the hard nipple of my mother. I could smell the perfume of my mother. It aroused me more. All sorts of felling went inside my mind.

I could not wait anymore i went directly into the bathroom. The figure of my mother was still in my eyes here boobs were like poisoned in the jacket ,the jacket was too small to hold here big boobs,it looked like Dating zamzarina khalwat if trying to explode out of it. Here hands was wet with her own liquidher ass cheeks spread in the bed. My mother gave me enough time to view her beauty. The whole view of my mother in my changed, she was not a devil, she is amazing beauty, i had not Dating zamzarina khalwat notice of the assets my mother possessed all these years.

I masturbated for the first time in life thinking my mother in mind, the pleasure i Dating zamzarina khalwat Dating zamzarina khalwat great all these years i masturbated thinking all the actress ,but thinking my mother in my mind gave me more pleasure.

I walked out Dating zamzarina khalwat bathroom with some satisfaction, Mala was sitting on Dating zamzarina khalwat sofa and she was staring at me and gave a wicked smile. She was wearing the Dating zamzarina khalwat dress ,but she had just simply Dating zamzarina khalwat up the sari over her ,her jacket was displaying her covered breast and i could also see Dating zamzarina khalwat top Dating zamzarina khalwat of her cleavage which was peeking out, the two breast sliding made a deep valley between them.

I definitely waited for a chance Dating zamzarina khalwat still do no how to start, i moved very close to herher face was just facing my hard on in the pant, Dating zamzarina khalwat view of her was now more visible i could see her cleavage in top angle which exposed more of it. Her stomach was fully uncovered her sexy navel was exposed.

Tears polled over her face her lips were Dating zamzarina khalwat and she then put down her face on my lap and started to cry. Her face was resting over my hard on i then spread my legs and pressed her face more towards my hard-on. I felt heat waves passing from my mother towards meher hot breath was felt on my dick, the motion made because of her cry aroused my cock more, Dating zamzarina khalwat would have definitely felt the touch of my cock over her Dating zamzarina khalwat but till kept her face over it.

Then she moved her hands over her Dating zamzarina khalwat to wipe her tears but it touched my penis and i slightly jerked due to the sensation it caused on me and then she took of her face. I realized this id the Dating zamzarina khalwat opportunityI slowly moved my face towards her ,it was shining with the drops of tears Dating zamzarina khalwat it, I pulled her head towards my face and wiped her tears with my hand.

My mother accepted my console ,then i started to move my lips all over her face and tasted all her tears. Dating zamzarina khalwat slowly caressed ger lips with mine. Then i began to kiss her smoothly i licked her lips with my tongue. She then greeted my lips inside her mouth without any hesitation, i explored her mouth with my tongue ,my saliva poured inside her and tasted her saliva.

Then she begin to make her move she hugged me tightly, and began to suck my lips and absorbed my saliva.

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Our kiss continued for minutes Dating zamzarina khalwat moved her lips inside my lips and i sucked her saliva. Now i could see a smile on her face and she looked at me with an inviting eyes. Her sexy lips was shining because Dating zamzarina khalwat the wetness i made with my tongue. I noticed her face even at this age of 43 she is looking sexy which i forget to notice all this years. She then began to talk about her unhappy sex life with my father, I gave ear to what all she said and did not want Dating zamzarina khalwat force or hurry to make sex with her, i know that she is now mine and i can get true pleasure from her and listened to what all she said.

I could then make out the fault of my Dating zamzarina khalwat. She also said that she had directly spoken with him about sex and asked him for pleasure but my father never Dating zamzarina khalwat much interest in any form of sex ,he tried to unload his liquid never kissed or sucked her or gave her any pleasure.

She also said that she Dating zamzarina khalwat masturbated to satisfy her needs.

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And all her unsatisfactory life with my father, she showed by quarrelling with me. Finally she smiled at me after breaking all her distress to me.


I then hugged her tightly and fell on her, she slid over sofa with her body laid in sofa and legs on the ground. I completely fell on her and hugged more tightly, she put her hands around Dating zamzarina khalwat and held me tightly. My chest was resting on her huge breast ,i felt ger heart beats on meher nipples Dating zamzarina khalwat making impression on me. Each time she made heavy breath her breast till moved against me and this gave me more comfort.

I again started to kiss her lips but this time my movement Dating zamzarina khalwat fast and the heat between us was more then that in the first encounter. This time she moved her hands over my head and pushing me tighter towards her and she also licked my face and made my wet.

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I then gradually dragged my lips down and finally rested it on her melons and bitted it softly. Dating zamzarina khalwat then pulled out the long hair of my mother, which was resting on her own breast and pulled it by side. By this time Dating zamzarina khalwat sari has slid completely down and exposed Dating zamzarina khalwat breast through her jacket. I cupped each of the breast with each hand, I squeezed it, slowly and then fasterI Dating zamzarina khalwat my hands with more pressure from top to bottom and i did all sorts of play with the new toy i had got in my mother.

Her nipples was poking out. I Dating zamzarina khalwat started licking it with my tongue. I moved my tongue all over her breast with thin layer of cloth between it while my other hand was still pumping my mothers other tit.

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Meantime she closed her eyes and enjoyed each moment her hands were on my head ploughing my hair and some times she also Dating zamzarina khalwat out my hair in passion.

I then shifted my tongues to other side and begin to make ti wet. I was able to feel some kind smell on Dating zamzarina khalwat body which increased my senses and stimulated me more. She the suddenly pulled my head away and tried to get upso i withdrew my mouth Dating zamzarina khalwat stood upshe then sat down on the sofa relaxing Dating zamzarina khalwat she then moved her head down as if watching her own breast which was licked by her son and stared at me as if thanking me for the pleasure Dating zamzarina khalwat. Her jacket was fully wet and it was sticking to the breast.

She then stood up and walked near to me. I got tempted Dating zamzarina khalwat moved down and bitted her tried to lift her pavvadi. I then stood up and removed the hook of the jacket.

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But it was sticking on to her due my saliva she then pulled it out and threw it. Then i pulled out her bra and threw it. Now my mothers breast was in front of me without any barrier between, i slapped itthe her flesh in her breast shook. I sucked both the nipples one by one.

And finally soaked her nipples with my Dating zamzarina khalwat. She got more excited and her legs began to tremble. She holded my shirt tightly in pleasurethen she began to remove my shirt buttons which i was still wearing even after making my mother half-nude. I felt great when her nipples made a thrust over me Dating zamzarina khalwat, her nipples was round and was almost the size of a one rupee coin and the tip of it was like a thorn which poked my skin.

Then dragged myself down and bent down before her then her sexy navel invited me to lick i holded my both hand around her waist and moved my tounge in circular motion around her navel. I then entered my hands inside pavadi and to touch her Dating zamzarina khalwat ,her germent slipped down and now she was standing only with a panty. Dating zamzarina khalwat panty was wet ,she would have definitely orgasmed.

Dating zamzarina khalwat was trembling and she was not able to hold the Dating zamzarina khalwat. I quickly rolled down the panty to her knees. My mother could not withstand anymore and she Dating zamzarina khalwat me down and moved towards the bedroom.

As Dating zamzarina khalwat moved her a huge ass shaked and in rhythum. Dating zamzarina khalwat we entered the bedroom.

She sat on the edge and called me near to her then slowly unzziped my pant and then pulled my trouser downmy 5. She then turn towards me and invited me to fuck her. I could not wait for a second i jumped up and directly fell on her, my whole body rested on herI looked down and positioned my cock near her hole ,as i was a virgin and i had not seen a women cunt directly Dating zamzarina khalwat could not Dating zamzarina khalwat my entry into my mother directly ,she moved her hands down and using and two fingers opened her love triangle and indicated me to Dating zamzarina khalwat my cock inside.

Since she had already achieved an orgasm it was wet inside her and my member Dating zamzarina khalwat inside her smoothly. Now i Dating zamzarina khalwat her both hands tightly and stretched our hands on the either side.

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Now after six months we have explored sex fully and enjoy sex in all form and all position. She sat on the edge and called me near to her then slowly unzziped my pant and then pulled my trouser down , my 5.

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Men: Are you an Alpha Male? She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly visit to clubs and gim. Rupa like to dress very conservatively. She understood the modern. Main · Videos; Couple dating game questions people stack dating to , once the boss reshaped albeit dislodged rubin lambuth to site forums plentyoffish com pof dating site forums plentyoffish com pof dating dating zamzarina khalwat..

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