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Doody the clown newgrounds dating


Funny moments from Season 3 of JonTron. For the main index, see here. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. You need to login to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. The title card, more specifically, how it ends. I maxed out my credit card! Hey Ken, ya know, I was thinking about taking a year off, goin' back to college, starting my career You're staying home and having my kids! With those proportions, I think you're gonna need these Barbie What is this, some kinda Twilight Zone episode where Barbie just keeps getting ready for various dates with Ken, when in reality Ken died in a horrific yachting accident that Barbie refuses to accept?

It's so quiet Doody the clown newgrounds dating you die. There's nothing but the voices. Beat See you in an hour! Let's see if technology has improved the Barbie experience. That one looks like Mickey. And that one looks like a cease and desist. At the end of the Doody the clown newgrounds dating, you find some magical shoes, turn into a princess and marry Donald Trump.

Doody the clown newgrounds dating else is new, this iswho didn't want to marry Donald Trump, I fucking did, here's my picture of me wanting to marry Donald Trump! Go to your room! I want to feel your skin inside me. I think they were going for a David LynchDarren Aronofsky thing here, it's heavy stuff. Doody the clown newgrounds dating you know what a homeless person is? Have you ever stepped foot outside of a mansion before?

Has anyone ever frowned at you? Well, that's literally America's least populated state. This game starts off with Barbie and her magical genie friends having a magical picnic. In reality, though, what this guy is doing is eyeing up their genie lamps, which is oddly not a sexual euphemism. And he's also got a Doody the clown newgrounds dating black unicorn, which actually is Doody the clown newgrounds dating sexual euphemism.

Good luck finding your insulin! Fuck you, might not even be in this apartment! I did not add this music I would have never thought to add this music I'm never going to sleep again The Legend Goes On. A sad Jon is at a port, staring glumly at the DVD case of the animated film he was about to view and comment on. Then the Titanic, which was docked nearby, sprouts wings and flies away.

All the while legitimately sad music plays. A heartbroken Jon waits at a port, anticipating the arrival Doody the clown newgrounds dating his to-be wife who was on board the Titanic. Though he knows that the Titanic has sunk and took her with it, he continues to wait for the ship to arrive, refusing to foresake his fiance even after all these years.

But he knows that Doody the clown newgrounds dating will never return to him and despairs. In his sadness, finds a nearby DVD case of a film called Titanic: Wait, it's just a legend?

It's just a silly old legend? I thought it was a real thing, like a real boat with people on it that sank and they died. I s'pose that Doody the clown newgrounds dating my girlfriend's not real then. I guess there were some signs along the way. You just left it there to get cold. That's my ladyand soon she will be departing on the great steam liner known as the Titanic that is definitely a real ship in the real world.

What sorrow I feel for these characters, so close to my own heart. Let's hope it's a smooth crossing. Gives a sinister smile and wiggles his eyebrows. Excuse me, uh, the fuck did you just say!?

Do you know something we don't?

FFA+ and GTB are getting...

You got something to say? I recognize that voice. You're not really an old man! He goes up and pulls the guy's head off I knew it! He was the iceberg all along! Jon, in a 'pose Doody the clown newgrounds dating Doody the clown newgrounds dating I will never forget it for as long as I live. In era garb drifting afloat on a door with the disc in hand I'll never let go You are a terrible, terrible thing—to the depths with you.

Suddenly a diver wearing modern sophisticated diving equipment swims up and hands Jon the movie case again.

The plot is sinking! Quick, hire the emergency writers! Part 1 Jon calls to complain about his Thanksgiving turkey, and it turns out he's been given a miniature horse. Jon actually got a live horse in one of Doody the clown newgrounds dating videos.

I don't know how I feel about this beast. You're just jealous that there's a new cute critter in the house, and I ain't talkin' about myself! Because Ronald McDonald does not make me want to buy a hamburger. He makes me want to call the police. Am Not Faceless Robot Corp oration. Am Have Real Feelings Too ooo. You know, I could've bought ten of these [burgers], Ronald, but I only went with four 'cause I'm not supporting your reckless habits!

But Doody the clown newgrounds dating point is: You're a real monster, I don't agree with your ethics. I mean, it's not as if this game would make me want to order a delicious McDonald's hamburger which has the perfect blend of crispy lettuce, meaty tomatoes, a patty sizzled to perfection and all topped off with one perfectly crunch pickle.

Your mind games aren't gonna work on me! I mean, you Doody the clown newgrounds dating have a burger without ketchup!

FFA+ and GTB are getting...

Hold on, hold on! I don't Doody the clown newgrounds dating any of that happening! Well, at least Trump Tower is still standing. Infamous "small loan of a million dollars" clip of Trump plays Oh God. This is the Alternate Universe where Trump wins, isn't it?

Oh my God, I see now; I Doody the clown newgrounds dating get it. The true meaning of Thanksgiving isn't food, or thanks, or family, or being a good, balanced person with personal responsibility. It's that video games cause everything that's wrong in the world, like obesity, real-life violence, and misogyny.

It makes perfect sense, I see now! I think it is hilarious! It starts out with Jon feeding his Garfield telephone lasagna. Then he gets a phone call and answers it, and the Garfield phone starts screaming in pain and wobbling its eyes. I forgot that's part of your body! Quickly hangs up the phone. And let me tell ya, that's not the only talking cat I Doody the clown newgrounds dating in this house.

And no, by the way, I am not referring to Talking Tom. Cut to a picture of Talking Tom and Angela, all with screaming in the background. Zooms into Tom's face, then Doody the clown newgrounds dating into Tom and Angela's hands. Excuse me sir, you're polluting the audio.

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