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Raikage vs minato yahoo dating


Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls 13 and up is back again with the filler chapter of Sanshouo No Naruto so before we begin to Natsu I'm glad you liked the Iwa escort mission. I always try to improve my writing because there Raikage vs minato yahoo dating always someone bigger someone smarter and someone better than you so to my readers always try to better yourselves.

Naruto Raikage vs minato yahoo dating he had no idea why he thought of that particular memory but he did as he stood up in the Namikaze training ground. It was a field about ten by fifteen acres with a small lake surrounded by boulders in the center of the field Naruto sighed as he focused his chakra.

Making the boar dog bird monkey and ram hand signs before biting his thumb till it bled before slamming his palm to the ground. Naruto looked to see his sister sitting on one of the boulders that stand by the lake she had recently cut her hair so it was about the same length as Hinata's with her right bang up to her eyebrow and her left at her temple wearing a yellow tank top under a red vest with black pants and bare feet the nails on Raikage vs minato yahoo dating her fingers and toes were painted bright red.

Raikage vs minato yahoo dating could make out all these details just like he could with Raikage vs minato yahoo dating Naruto felt Raikage vs minato yahoo dating pang in his heart as he thought of the Iwa ninja "hi Homika" Naruto said before trying the summoning jutsu again only to get another egg.

Naruto made the hand signs focusing the amount of chakra he saw Homika use into his hand before biting his thumb and slamming it to the ground in a cloud of smoke appeared a salamander it was about the size of Gamakichi with dark green scales and a white underbelly.

Dang you Raikage vs minato yahoo dating dog Naruto" said Homika "hey what am I chopped liver" Kichi said before disappearing in a poof of smoke. Homika ruffled Naruto's hair "I knew you could do it why don't we go get some ramen to celebrate".

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Now Naruto would normally remind Homika that he didn't need to eat as often Raikage vs minato yahoo dating he but ramen was ramen so he followed his older sister back into the house. In training ground 7 a gathering was being held this gathering was of most of Konohas rookie teams minus Naruto. Especially since Sora didn't call him fat he was big boned and he Raikage vs minato yahoo dating to eat a lot to properly use Raikage vs minato yahoo dating clans jutsu after all.

Kidomaru was interrupted by a slap to the Raikage vs minato yahoo dating of the head from Tayuya "why the hell did you do that Tayuya".

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No matter the situation a little kid got excited at the idea of presents "really what did you get me" Naruto said running into the ten year old red head.

Meanwhile Raikage vs minato yahoo dating sound four were laughing at the two "should we stop them" asked Jirobo "in a minute let's just savor the moment" said Tayuya. Homika sighed ruffling her brothers hair "Naruto stop it doesn't bother me so it shouldn't bother you either". Naruto sighed having never felt love like what Homika was talking about so he just nodded as they walked into the four bedroom Namikaze home and Raikage vs minato yahoo dating when Naruto felt it unsealing his Kusarigarma he charged Raikage vs minato yahoo dating the house and towards the training field he had no idea how intruders got in but he was going to make them regret it.

Meanwhile by a buffet table Yota and Tobio were standing by it drinking punch "so Naruto got a girlfriend? I doubt Gecko has even noticed she's sunk her Raikage vs minato yahoo dating in him" said Yota taking a sip of his punch "so how about you and Sora" Yota choked on his punch.

While this was happening the Namikaze's Uchiha's Shizune and Tsunade were sitting at a table when Itachi and Homika walked over to them the former having his arm wrapped around the latter's waist protectively. At the gates the last two in the supposed threesome sneezed "whoever started that damn rumor we're going to kill them" Kotetsu said. Kushina smiled at her daughter "that's genius sweet heart I wished I had thought of that when Minato Kun and I announced that we were married".

Naruto smiled under his mask as he twirled Yui around before letting her go as the song ended at that point Yota walked up to the dj station Raikage vs minato yahoo dating took the mic "Alright I could go on some long boring speech about me and Gecko but I'm starving and Mrs.

Namikaze somehow figured out how to put ramen in the cake so Sora take it away". Sora walked over to Naruto and dragged him to the head of a long table sitting him down the Shimura then put a box in front of Naruto "this is from me and Yota happy birthday Naruto". Naruto opened the box to find a locket on a leather cord it was Raikage vs minato yahoo dating of a chakra reflective metal like his kusarigarma so he could see that it was a small coin size pendent with the kanji for Eleven on it Naruto picked it up and Raikage vs minato yahoo dating that it had the kanji for salamander on the other end.

Naruto stood up and hugged Sora "thank you" Naruto said to his teammate no his friend "I'm glad you like it". Naruto opened up his presents from Yui and Han he got a box of instant ramen from Iruka he got a book on advanced chakra control exercises from Shinji Sakura and Tsunade he got more books on various subjects from the Uchiha's he got a shirt with the military Raikage vs minato yahoo dating symbol on the sleeves and a scroll on how to do the fire ball jutsu saying when he was going to be family soon whatever that meant.

And from his parents he got a Raikage vs minato yahoo dating balloon "No freaking way" Homika said Raikage vs minato yahoo dating at the balloon "you're teaching him Raikage vs minato yahoo dating. Everyone looked in awe "I'm learning the rasengan" when minato Raikage vs minato yahoo dating Naruto then pulled a Hinata.

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Tayuya cradled 67 in her arms as she carried him through the mostly empty hide out and into his room the young Shiin then put 67 into bed making sure he was holding onto the sealing scroll that held his birthday present. Damn that snake leaving Raikage vs minato yahoo dating and 5 behind because they were too young knowing Orochimaru and unfortunately Tayuya did they would probably have to abduct him again later or kill no Tayuya stopped going down that road she would never Raikage vs minato yahoo dating that not to Tayuya kissed him on the forehead before leaving the room 'happy birthday 67' she thought before running off to meet with the other members of the newly dubbed sound four.

That evening on the outskirts of Takigakure a group of forty shinobi were gathered they wore black kimono tops with black pants with red greaves and red sandals with a black helmet on Raikage vs minato yahoo dating heads modeled after a bird Raikage vs minato yahoo dating their arm was a headband of a small mountain on each end of a Raikage vs minato yahoo dating mountain.

The headband of the destroyed hidden village of Yamagakure the village hidden in the mountains at the front of this group. At the front of this group were three people the first was Senta still in his blue cloak that hid his features the second was Suien the right hand man of the village leader Suien wore a dark blue jacket, grey pants, sandals, black sunglasses and a bandanna that held his hair out of his face.

And finally a tall man equal in height to A the Yondaime Raikage wearing black segmented armor over a long sleeved mesh shirt with blood red arm guards and blood red sandals he had long white hair held in a ponytail with his own headband wrapped around his head and a long slash shaped scar over his left eye.

The ninjas gave a great battle cry at their leaders words "good then follow me" he yelled sending his hawk into the air. Suien looked at the descending ninjas already ninjas of Takigakure charged forward ready to defend their village "those fools will die".

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And this is where the chapter ends well did you like did you not like I want reviews. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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