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Waifu dating simulator walkthrough

Pony Waifu simulator

Here's a small demo of something we worked on; unfortunately we never Waifu dating simulator walkthrough round to finishing it due to being busy, however we thought we'd release it so people can still enjoy what content this has!

The characters may be re-purposed for a smaller game, but for now 'Waifu Messenger' is simply here to finish up and put away a project that's been collecting dust on our end for a while.

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My Sweet Waifu is a...

The game isn't broken or anything. This is just the demo. It says so in the description.

MONSTER PROM Gameplay Walkthrough Part...

OMG I love your art so much! I love this little concept and it inspires me to want Waifu dating simulator walkthrough make my own! Try and Waifu dating simulator walkthrough the love of waifu's by replying to their messages!

sorry for the delay between...

Download Download Waifu Messenger. Comments Log in with itch. Salamence 33 days ago. Maybe Waifu dating simulator walkthrough a patch so it doesn't crash? Is it possible to download this in windows, perhaps? Idol-Chan will tell Waifu dating simulator walkthrough I'm cute, and then the game stops.

Is this supposed to happen? I wait for a lil while but it still white. Can you only talk to Idol Waifu to start?

Helominemiz days ago. ShiroLily days Waifu dating simulator walkthrough.

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