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Watch Before They Air. Amanda to the Rescue. All-new series Sundays at 9P. We're bringing khaki back Watch the first three episodes. Tia and team are back Saturdays 9P. Stream the latest now! The Steve Irwin Story. Venture to Alaska And explore the wildlife. Watch the entire series. As passionate wildlife conservationists, they care for over 1, animals daily at the Australia Zoo, its world-class wildlife hospital, and on expeditions across the globe.

Following the antics of two brothers-in-law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation. Follow Tia Torres, founder of Villalobos She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg Center, and her family as they rehabilitate both felons and pit bulls who come together to rescue one another from their dim pasts, and bring new meaning to life.

Four eccentric but passionate investigators embark on one single-minded mission - to find the elusive Bigfoot. Watch as the team uncovers startling evidence of the mysterious and highly intelligent enigma both here and abroad. Witness the miracle of cute, from a kitten's first tentative steps, to a puppy's first call to the wild.

The first few months of their lives are an adorable adventure. These furry friends are simply too loveable, too curious, too cute!

With a joy and passion larger than life, Amanda Giese treats hopeless animals in her Washington state home, primarily focusing on dogs that others have given up She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg. Along with her kids, Jade and She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg, and her partner Gary, the family helps animals in need get a second chance.

My Cat From Hell. Armed with more than 15 years of experience, a proven training program and his signature guitar case filled with cat toys, Jackson Galaxy is on a mission to help cat owners find the source of conflict with their furry friends. Waiting for a Forever Home. Join Steve and Terri Irwin - the hardest working couple in the natural world - as they She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg into caverns, tread through the jungle, and cross the high seas to rescue and protect threatened animals around the world.

Each episode features a unique theme with fish to match. The results will inspire viewers to design fish tanks of their own! There's no such thing as "a regular day" at Denver's Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic. For 80,plus clients and She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg pets, the clinic and its maverick She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg Dr.

Jeff Young represent one last hope, and possibly the difference, between life and death. Demarcus Cousins and a Snake Tank. Wayde and Brett have two clients who want aquariums in their own backyard! Basketball superstar Demarcus Cousins wants a corner tank for his Las Vegas house.

Meanwhile, a Las Vegas pet store wants a tank for both fish and reptiles! Villalobos is tested like never before when Tia and her crew are called upon to rescue a pack of wolf-dog hybrids abandoned by a backyard breeder. With law enforcement threatening to kill the dogs, the pressure is higher than ever.

She's Dating the Gangster is...

Scarlett the Giraffe is reunited with her grandmother, and Grub the wild Echidna is released from the hospital. A new mama Chihuahua and her 8 puppies are finally ready to go to their forever homes. With the help of a volunteer, Amanda takes "Splat," a special needs bulldog puppy with swimmers syndrome, into her care and does everything she can to save her. Oz wants to add to his family! He already has chickens, bees, a cat, and a dog so why not add some fish to the mix?

This aquarium She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg include an She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg interior that will have the fish swimming down the yellow brick road. Amanda gets an emergency call to save a stray Golden Retriever mix named Goldilocks, who was hit by a car and stranded. As Goldilocks heals, Amanda and her family find forever homes for two blind and deaf puppies.

Wildfire Rescue Tribute Tank. Coddingtown Center in Santa Rosa have tasked the guys with a very special tank! To kick off their new remodel, they want Wayde and Brett to make a tank that pays respects to the heroes that helped the area during the recent wildfires. After months of training, Robert steps into She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg father's shoes to feed Graham - Australia Zoo's most notorious crocodile - solo, in front of the entire Crocoseum! Bindi witnesses one of nature's rarest events: Cedar the Koala giving birth to twins!

It's a big day for Hunter the Sumatran Tiger. He is blind and must be sedated for his annual eye check, so Terri can get closer than usual. The keepers prepare the young giraffe Scarlett for a road trip to South Australia, reuniting her with family. Amanda rescues three dogs with special needs from the California wildfires, including a very pregnant Chihuahua. With the help of her family, she rehabilitates them at her at-home rescue and finds them their forever homes. See which dog breeds fans selected as their favorites!

Cat breeds from A to B. These dogs will fit right into any home.

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As the McFaddens settle into their new home in the country, son Isaac comes across a disturbing discovery in the bathroom. The conflict between Rottweiler Girly and cat Boo has rubbed off on couple Terence and Unique when an encounter with the animals ends with blood.

When dealing with street dogs, every dog counts. Doctors and family are stunned when they discover the cause of Kennedy's poor She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg is due to an extreme allergy to nickel, which can be traced to the metal braces on her teeth.

Tia recalls the bizarre accident that kept her sidelined for months. A dream vacation to South America becomes a nightmare when She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg man's face begins to be eaten away by a parasite.

A disabled veteran and his wife visit Villalobos to find a pair of dogs to help with his depression. Marcel and Mariah race to help a puppy in need. And when a rescued She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg has trouble settling in, Tia reaches out to other shelters for help. The family prepares Croc One, Steve Irwin's research ship, for a mission to release an endangered sea turtle back to the wild.

Kendari the babirusa, a pig-deer type animal from Indonesia, is pregnant. But the two short-clawed otters she shares a paddock with are behaving like antisocial neighbors, throwing stones at her house while she's settling down to give birth. Secret Life of the Zoo. Greg and Lucas make clients Aaron and Karen a dinosaur-themed enclosure for a new reptile they're introducing She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg their growing family. With Jason and Chris' guidance, animal lover Kate picks out an affectionate blue Tegu that melts her heart.

Fishing the Midnight River. Rob puts his beloved K-9 partner to the test to ensure he's still up to the job, while Officer Chris tackles the start of fishing season on the Kenai. Dom works closely with moose to study how warmer temps are impacting the iconic species. Mini pig James's obsessive digging has got him in serious trouble with the local authorities.

If he doesn't stop digging massive holes in the park, the council may ban him. Can Chris solve this porker of a problem? Grevy's Zebras, Florence and Nadine, are about to give birth so the She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg are keeping She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg close eye on both.

Meanwhile, warthog dad Magnum is feeling the pressure of parenting. Two of his older children are becoming increasingly hard to control. The Year-Old Spider Monkey.

Chris is at the Hunter Valley to check on one of the zoo's oldest residents, Mal. The year-old spider monkey has a huge lump growing inside his mouth that has started to bleed.

Amanda to the Rescue

What's the diagnosis for this much loved monkey? Can Chris save her much loved friend? Chris is in the USA where he meets a lady who runs a shelter that provides a home to more that 1, cats. Later, he meets Tillman, the skateboarding dog whose skills have helped him set a world record and made him a worldwide celebrity. The team comes up with a bodacious excellent adventure-themed terrarium for Jay and Bean from Happy Harbor Comics.

Jason's camper, Jordan and her dad, Corrado, want a modern art piece enclosure that'll show Jordan's love for triathlons. The Mountain Goat Quest. While Bill and Dustin get close to a sow and three cubs at a fish weir, Dom races daylight on a long hike deep into the Chugash to find out what happened to one of his collared goats. Biology interns help band Alaska songbirds before the migration. Faith the Bipedal Dog.

Chris takes a She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg to the USA to catch up with Faith, the bipedal dog who has become an She is dating a gangster pdf to jpg celebrity.

This brave pup, who Chris met when she was 3-years-old, is celebrating her 10th birthday and her retirement from public life. A Puppy's Journey Home. Villalobos is stretched thin when rescue calls come in one after another. A couple from rural Idaho visits the rescue, ready to open their hearts to a new friend. And Mariah and parolee Leigh help a neighbor whose dog has become too much to handle.

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