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Sexy blonde female


Longtime music collector and rock music listener. I've been writing articles for over three years. When you think of guitar-driven heavy metal and hard rock, you may not immediately think of a gorgeous golden-haired Sexy blonde female stroking the fretboard on her electric guitar. These ladies are no longer the exception to the rule. These days, women have a definitive place in the hard rock music scene, Sexy blonde female to-to-toe with the boys in any band.

Let's take a look at some of these talented ladies.

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This is Sexy blonde female no means meant to be a "Top So, in no particular order, let's rock! At sweet 16 she was a rebel queen and, yes, she sure looked hot in her tight blue jeans.

As the lead singer of the all-girl band The Runaways, Cherie Currie was many a young man's fantasy girlfriend. As the years have passed and her biography has been told, it has become apparent that she probably Sexy blonde female really was in control Sexy blonde female those days, Sexy blonde female like many rock and rollers who found the limelight a little overwhelming, she survived and is still gorgeous today.

Lita Ford also got her start with The Runaways but went on to even greater success after Sexy blonde female band broke up, selling millions of albums as a solo artist and becoming probably the premiere female guitarist in heavy metal. Most would probably argue that Joan Jett is the better known Runaway refugee, but when it comes to sales and chart positions, Lita comes out well ahead.

Lita is still Sexy blonde female after all these years and is more lovely than ever! When you think of rock and roll bands, ABBA may not be the first to come to mind.

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Sexy blonde female they were indeed a rock and roll band and, at one time, the most successful band Sexy blonde female the world. They even had a song called "Rock and Roll Band. Anni-Frid, more often referred to as Frida, was the brunette.

Agnatha was the blond. Both were lovely, but there was always something special about Agnetha. Sass Jordan plays rock and Sexy blonde female with the swagger of a Rod Stewart or Keith Richards and looks a whole lot better doing it.

In addition to playing rock and roll on a par with the bad boys of the music world, she is also an actress and Sexy blonde female Sexy blonde female well as a wife and mother. Pretty Sexy blonde female blonde female I'd say. Apparently, Sexy blonde female has also done some modeling work, but I couldn't tell you who she modeled for. The band rocks and Taylor is a great singer. I know she probably has fans that enjoy her acting and modeling, but, personally, I would like to see her devote herself full time to the band.

When it comes to legendary figures in rock and roll, Suzi Quatro is an icon. Sure, Sexy blonde female were illustrious women in rock before her — Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips — but Suzi was the first to break through playing real rock guitar. Usually dressed in black leather, Suzi Quatro was the role model for Joan Jett and showed Joan, as well as the other ladies to follow the rock 'n' roll path, how to put some, well, balls into rock 'n' roll.

As the singer of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani hit the charts and became a household name. A few years later, her solo career launched her to even greater fame. Now with No Doubt reformed, though a bit slow on getting out new Sexy blonde female, Gwen has kept busy spending time with her second child with husband Gavin Rossdale, guitarist and lead singer of Bush. Nina Gordon co-founded the group Veruca Salt and was a driving force in the band.

She Sexy blonde female their hits "Seether" and "Volcano Girls" before leaving the band in to pursue a solo career.

She has since released two solo albums and become a mom. Nina is a gifted songwriter and great guitarist in addition to being gorgeous and blond.

Canadian Avril Lavigne has packed a lot of success into Sexy blonde female few years Sexy blonde female a rock star, having released her debut album less Sexy blonde female ten years Sexy blonde female. She now has her fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby, due out March 8, She has a clothing line and has released two perfumes as well as embarking on an acting career.

But Sexy blonde female now, Avril seems to be concentrating on her music so be sure to watch for to head out on tour soon. Michelle Phillips was not only a member of The Sexy blonde female and the Papas, but also co-wrote many of the band's Sexy blonde female Sexy blonde female "California Dreamin'".

She was also the wife of John Phillips. They had one child, Chynna, who could have also made this list, being both beautiful and a member of the pop group Wilson-Phillips. After the band broke up, Michelle tried to launch a solo career but could not match the popularity she had found with the band. She did, however, find success as an actress.

Even after all these years, Michelle Phillips is still Sexy blonde female hot mama! The song was from her second album, Believe. Guitar International Magazine Sexy blonde female her the Breakthrough Guitarist of the Year Sexy blonde female and Sexy blonde female has been nominated for several other awards. Her captivating guitar skills are highlighted by her flowing blond hair and energetic stage presence.

With a sexy voice to match her hot looks, Bonnie Tyler scored Sexy blonde female blonde female with the hit song "It's a Heartache" in and the again with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in She has Sexy blonde Sexy blonde female to record steadily since then Sexy blonde female has Sexy blonde female had another major hit on the US charts since "Holding Out for a Hero" that peaked at 34 in But that doesn't mean we can count this lady out.

Do not be surprised if she returns to the charts again with her distinctively seductive voice. Jan Kuehnemund Sexy blonde female the big time with all-girl hard rockers Vixen and Sexy blonde female a few years in the spotlight before music tastes changed and hard rock gave way to grunge. Jan was recognized as a great guitarist and though the band officially called it quits inJan put together a new line-up in to tour and release a new album.

But unfortunately, the band has been inactive since Liz Phair is the original "indie chick" in music, a title that now belongs to Sexy blonde female Deschanel.

When she released Exile Sexy blonde female Guyville init barely hit the Billboard Sexy blonde female atand even to date has sold less than a half million copies. Yet it is considered one of the most influential albums of the '90s and Sexy blonde female pops up on "best album" lists.

Kind of like Liz keeps popping up on hottest rock chicks lists. But then, neither of those Sexy blonde female are surprising considering the quality of the record and the hotness of the Sexy blonde female. Some Sexy blonde female her to do Sexy blonde female by moving on to more serious acting roles or perhaps getting her Sexy blonde female series where she could be the Sexy blonde female, but many were surprised when she decided to do this with music Sexy blonde female. As Hannah's sidekick, Lilly never showed much aptitude for music, but Emily has certainly proven she has the talent to succeed as a singer.

Her music has a harder edge than Sexy blonde female Sexy blonde female music Hannah Montana Sexy blonde female known for and it would seem Emily has a bright future whether in Sexy blonde female or in film. Sexy blonde female her husky, sexy voice and gypsy style of dressing, Sexy blonde female Nicks captured the imagination of Sexy blonde female a man during Fleetwood Mac's heyday of the late '70s.

It has even been rumored that The Eagles' song "Witchy Woman" is about Stevie who at one time dated Don Henley, but that seems unlikely since the song refers to "raven hair" and was written well before the couple were an item.

But Stevie is definitely one of the most gorgeous women ever in rock and roll and even today is as lovely as ever. Ritchie Blackmore, famed guitarist of Deep Purple and Rainbow, has a third band that is perhaps not quite as well known as his other two.

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Blackmore's Sexy blonde female features Ritchie's wife, Candice. The lady has Sexy blonde female magical voice that fits well with the medieval-tinged folk rock the band plays. Some might say "Witchy Woman" would describe Candice better than Stevie as she at times seems to refer to Wiccan or Pagan themes in her music, but she has never stated clearly Sexy blonde female she considers herself a follower of either religion.

What she has said on the subject is this Torry Castellano, drummer for the all-girl Sexy blonde Sexy blonde female rockers The Donnas, is the only drummer girl to make Sexy blonde female list. That surprises me in a way because when Torry plays with her arms pounding out a steady beat and that gorgeous mane of blond locks flying out Sexy blonde female all directions, she is smoking hot!

The primal beat of the drums seems to bring out the animal is the petite blond, transforming her into a lioness on the prowl for fresh meat! Joss Stone burst onto the music scene in and hasn't Sexy blonde female down since.

A soul singer with a rock and roll attitude, Joss is both beautiful and talented. Though her hair color changes on a regular basis — occasionally to some rather unusual colors — Sexy blonde female is definitely hottest Sexy blonde female a natural blond.

I don't know why she would even want to change! In the mids, Sexy blonde female emerged a German goddess to Sexy blonde female the crown of ultimate metal maiden.

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That goddess was Doro Pesch, lead vocalist of Warlock. With blond hair that shimmers in the sunlight, blue eyes that twinkle in the moonlight, the voice Sexy blonde female a hellbound angel, Doro made a mark on metal that will always remain. Though Warlock only made four albums, Doro continued on and is still bringing metal Sexy blonde female the masses today. And though she has gotten older, she is as beautiful and sexy as ever.

It would be hard to find any singer—blond female or otherwise—who hit the scene with more of an impact than did Duffy. Her debut album and single, released inwere both international smashes and the following year she was awarded a Sexy blonde female Award for Best Pop Vocal Album and nominated for two other Grammy Awards.

She also won several awards in her native United Kingdom. Her delicate features, haunting eyes, and silky blond hair make Sexy blonde female one of the most attractive new rock stars in years.

Guitarist Nancy Wilson is the blond half of the Wilson duo that fronts legendary rockers Sexy blonde female. Along with her vocalist sister Ann, Nancy broke through barriers and paved the way for female hard rockers in the years after Heart's breakthrough.

The Wilson sisters' combination of good looks, great songwriting and masterful playing took the band to the top of the charts and pretty much has made them legends. The Genitorturers have been around Sexy blonde female in Sexy blonde female form or another and often refer to themselves as "The World's Sexiest Band. And in her black leather Sexy blonde female outfits, Gen has plenty of Sexy blonde female willing to get on their knees for her. Otep Shamaya is the singer and primary songwriter in Sexy blonde female band Otep.

She made her debut with the band in and quickly developed a devoted fan base. Playing aggressive, loud heavy metal, Otep made a Sexy blonde female for herself and her band. She is a vegetarian and — sorry boys — a lesbian.

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I thought Sexy blonde female would end the list where I began, Sexy blonde female The Runaways. Sandy West always seemed to me to be Sexy blonde female Runaway that might be the girl that lived down the street.

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